Mom Makes Tweed Jacket For World’s Cutest 11th Doctor

It might be easy to find a tweed jacket as an adult, but they’re not the kind of thing you can easily find in kid’s sizes. One frustrated mom, Reese Dixon, decided to make her own version of the 11th Doctor’s signature blazer when she couldn’t find one to fit her adorable little son.

“I searched from one end of the internet to the other, and I only found one, incredibly expensive, designer blazer that I couldn’t rationalize, no matter how cute it was. And I couldn’t really stomach the thought of making a blazer from scratch with all those time consuming tailored details, only to have Atti grow out of it in a few months. So a wardrobe refashion was my only option.”

This might sound like a complicated project, but Dixon didn’t sew a completely new blazer. Instead she trimmed and snipped the adult version and turned it into a relaxed, comfortable fit for her son. And it was worth it because he looks just fantastic!

See work-in-progress pictures after the break…

You can find detailed instructions on how she trimmed down the blazer at the link below.

(Reese Dixon via blastr)


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