Betabrand’s NASA-Themed Space Jacket [Video]


Odds are that one day the Earth will run out of resources and we’ll all be forced to make a one-way trip to the nearest planet to start a crazy-cool space colony. So, to get yourself all prepped for heading out into the great unknown, you should probably get one of these new space jackets from Betabrand. The company (which describes itself as being “boldly different, yet also completely wearable and well-suited for space”) created this jacket as an homage to the American space program. Here’s what designer Steven B. Wheeler had to say:

I designed this jacket as a tribute to the continuing legacy of American spaceflight. I wanted it to embody everything I loved about the space program, and to eventually serve as an actual flight jacket for present-day astronauts on missions to the ISS. I drew my design inspiration from the exterior of the Space Shuttle, with the quilted lines of stitching echoing the paneled surface of the spacecraft. The white, non-woven Tyvek shell also calls to mind the EVA suits worn by astronauts during spacewalks. The inside lining is a silvered nylon taffeta, chosen not only because it visually references the “foil” MLI used on the exterior of satellites, but also because it helps retain radiant body heat.

The prototype includes a replica of the STS-53 shuttle mission patch, the famous NASA “worm” logo used from 1975-1992, and an American flag shoulder patch, like the ones on EVA suits.

Betabrand is currently raising funds online in order turn this awesome jacket–which is still a prototype–into a product that you normal Internet folk can actually buy. As it stands now, the project is fully funded and will begin shipping in May. However, you can still score 10% off the price if you purchase before the deadline.

Check out some more jacket pics and Betabrand’s promotional video after the break…



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