Become Guardians With These Rocket Raccoon And Star-Lord Costume Hoodies

hoodie rocket raccoon 1

Cosplaying characters from Guardians of the Galaxy is fun, but if you’re not committed to painting your body green or finding a fur suit, ThinkGeek has a couple of options for you. They have exclusive Guardians costume hoodies for Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord; the prototype designs look pretty fantastic as is. All you have to add are props! Rocket gets a giant Nerf-style gun, and Star-Lord gets a walkman and a mixtape. Done and done.

The sweatshirts will be available for purchase on November 20th.

Check out theStar-Lord version after the break.

hoodie rocket raccoon 2

hoodie rocket star-lord 1

hoodie rocket star-lord 2

Product Pages: Rocket Raccoon ($79.99) and Star-Lord ($79.99)


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