A Tinfoil Hat For The 21st Century


Are you afraid that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wi-fi, satellites, tv, radio, microwaves and “heavy doses of cosmic rays” might be affecting your health?

Are you afraid that a vague, yet menacing, government agency (or aliens) may be spying on your thoughts?

If so, then Shield: Signal Proof Headwear may be for you.

Check out the project video:

The garment, which is currently the focus of a Kickstarter campaign, is reportedly made from a “special signal proof fabric (100% silver coated shielding fabric)” that is antimicrobial, antiodor, washable, and said to generally block waves transmitted from electric devices.

Well, not 100% percent of the waves of course, but they claim that it’s “better than nothing”. They also try to sell you on its “cool” look and comfort (it’s way better than tinfoil folks).

Not surprisingly, the Kickstarter campaign is poised to achieve its goal as of this writing. Night Vale citizens must have bought these en masse.

(Geek via OhGizmo)


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