Awesome Graffiti-Style Custom Star Wars Hats

star wars hat 2

Star Wars is everywhere. It turns up in places you might not expect such as Pike Place Market in Seattle. Dan Gregory runs 1976 it’s just art out of the North Arcade at the market, and he sells a variety of hand-painted hats. Star Wars characters and quotes feature prominently among his work, and Gregory’s part graffiti, part caricature art style works really well with the galaxy far, far away. He manages to make a lot of detail into each piece despite the relatively small size of the canvas. These hats would make great gifts for fans and maybe even collectors.

Check out more examples of Dan’s work after the break.

star wars hat 1

star wars hat 3

star wars hat 4

star wars hat 5

star wars hat 6

star wars hat 7

star wars hat 8

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