Steampunk Weddings And Board Game Receptions

steampunk wedding party

Weddings that don’t follow traditions make me happy. I feel like that’s happening more and more these days – especially when it comes to adding steampunk. It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen several interpretations of the theme, every couple brings their own spin to it. EPBOT recently featured two such weddings and it’s fun to see the different ideas.

Kristy and Carol’s wedding party (pictured above) is elegant in Victorian attire. They also had vintage jewelry incorporated into their bouquets, a lovely guest book with a steampunk vibe, and they made their guests little favor boxes that were appropriately aged to match the theme. Arnora and David also dressed in steampunk outfits but were married in a railway museum. Awesome. They made steampunk medals for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres and in a move that has nothing to do with steampunk but is awesome, their reception was all about hanging out and playing board games. I love it.

Check out pics from both weddings after the break.

Kristy and Carol’s wedding:

steampunk bouquet

steampunk wedding guest book

steampunk wedding outfits

Arnora and David’s wedding:

steampunk wedding 2 couple

steampunk wedding 2 boutonierres

steampunk wedding 2 ceremony

See even more photos on EPBOT.


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