Examining The Fashion Evolution Of Some Of Our Favorite TV Characters [Feature]

willow s1

Reliving the fashion disasters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer got me thinking about why in God’s name anyone would wear a mushroom shirt, sure (I’ve yet to figure that one out), but also about how fashion of our beloved geeky shows changes from season to season. To a large extent that change is a result of shifting trends in the real world, sure, but there’s also something to be said for character development and its impact on sartorial stylings.

For examples, look no further than…


In a thematically dark season six, the formerly mousy Willow Rosenberg went to the dark side, and what did she see there but a boat-load of overalls, jumpers, and purple, floppy-brimmed hats. Never again.


Leslie Knope in season one hadn’t achieved the heights of professional and personal success that she has by the seventh season. Now, she can have it all (though that’s a stupid question, stop asking it), including a well-tailored wardrobe.


Marge Simpson is a rock in an ever-shifting sea of changing trends. If she ever dies her bee-hive ombre, God help us all.

sam winchester S1 S10

Not a lot has changed for Sam Winchester, clothing-wise, over Supernatural‘s ten seasons, except that he’s ditched the hoodies that symbolized his pre-blood slurping innocence in favor of more adult button-downs. Layering never goes out of style! If you want to read into Sammy’s sartorial statis a metaphor for how the show as a whole has been spinning its wheels in recent years, getting renewed for season after season regardless of whether there is any creativity left in the Impala tank… I won’t stop you.

scully S1 S9

The cap to the left is from the Dana Scully blog F*ck No Shoulder Pads, which I thoroughly recommend if you want to vomit at ill-fitting, shoulderpad-laden ’90s suits. Let’s never bring those back, OK fashion gods? What this fashion evolution means for the Scullster is that the people who designed her costumes eventually went clean and sober.

sam carter s1 s9

There’s less fashion wiggle room when the bulk of your show is spent in uniforms. But we’re glad Stargate: SG-1‘s Sam Carter started getting her hands on hair dye more frequently, because that ’90s dark-roots PTA mom quasi-mullet just doesn’t work for anyone.SB S1 S4

Sometimes, even the writers for the greatest shows have no frakking clue what they’re doing.


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