Star Wars-Inspired Dark Witch Dress

Costume designer Ginger Holley is launching a “Dark Witch” collection that’s inspired by The Nightsisters from the Star Wars Expanded Universe book The Courtship of Princess Leia. The Dark Witch: Dark Mother Convertible Maxi Dress is the first item in the collection, and it is very cool looking.

Zelda is modeling the Dark Mother kimono sleeved maxi dress, which can be reversed to plunge in the front or the back for either a high cowl or a deep V look. Snake skin stretch knit makes up the bodice, while an eerie two-toned ombre chiffon with comfortable knit lining flow down from the high waistline for a perfect silhouette.

Pre-orders for the dress are open now with a $220 introductory price (a minimum number of orders much be reached to go into production or refunds will be issued). More items will be added to the line shortly, but all we have at the moment is this sneak peek:


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