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Missy Steals River Song’s Dress, Wears It To Doctor Who Convention

missy song

Don’t worry Missy, we’ve nothing but nice things to say about this ensemble.

Michelle Gomez, the actress playing Missy (the current incarnation of longtime Doctor Who villain the Master), was one of the guests at LA-based Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One last month, and wore a delightfully sparkly dress that caught many a con-goer’s attention.

But – but! – it turns out that she wasn’t just looking fabulous in a wonderful dress. She was looking fabulous in a wonderful dress originally worn by River Song.

Yes, Gomez revealed on her Twitter feed that the dress is the same as one of the outfits worn by Alex Kingston in the recent Christmas special “The Husbands of River Song”.


The cheeky devil! Only the Master could get away with stealing one of River Song’s dresses and looking so bloody resplendent while doing it.

(via Tor)


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