This Nail Art Is Art Squared

mcgee nails

A new Tumblr called Nail Art History is introducing the internet to stunning nail art that shows off the skill of the nail artist and the works of master artists at the same time.

Nail artist Mei Kawajiri takes on Barry McGee (pictured above), Ami Vega pits Warhol against Basquiat, Hana recreates Jonathan Lasker and that’s just three examples. The blog is fairly new and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more cool nail art as we go.

Check out more pictures after the break.

art nails

Artist: Jonathan Lasker
Nail artist: Hana

Artist: Basquiat
Nail Artist: Ami Vega

pruitt kaws

Artist: Rob Pruitt
Nail artist: Raquel Nevarez

Artist: KAWS
Nail Artist: Mei Kawajiri

picasso riley nails

Artist: Bridget Riley
Artist: Picasso
Nail artist: Mei Kawajiri

(via Gizmodo)


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