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DIY ‘Star Wars’ Helmets Allow You To Secretly Communicate In Droid

droid helmets

Have you ever wanted to learn droid? Thanks to Canadian designer AE Innovations, you don’t have to. While wearing these helmets, everything you say is “translated” into Droidspeak. We put big sarcastic quotation marks around “translated” because it’s not actually translating anything. Rather, it selects a sequence of convincing beeps from the Star Wars movies and blurts them out.

However, if you’re talking to someone else who is also wearing a Droidspeak helmet, they’ll be able to understand you thanks to a built-in communication system complete with headphones. So you and a friend can have a perfectly normal conversation, and everyone else will hear an endless barrage of indecipherable electronic beeping. As far as everyone else is concerned, you’re just two dial-up modems having a friendly chat.

Check out video of the helmets in action after the jump.

If you have the ample skills required, details and downloads for the build are available on Hackster.

Editor: Needless to say, it’s a way better option than the portable cone of silence:

cone of silence

(via Engadget)


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