Robert Downey Jr. Presents Iron Man Prosthetic Limb To Little Boy [Video]


Robert Downey Jr. continues to prove that he is an awesome human being in this video where he presents a 7-year-old boy with an Iron Man prosthetic arm. It’s all set up so that Alex, who was born with a partial right arm, has no idea what’s about to happen. He walks into the room and there’s Downey in character as Tony Stark. Imagine how you would react to that.

Then, he opens up two Stark Industries cases to reveal his Iron Man arm and one made with the help of Microsoft One Note’s Collective Project and Limbitless Solutions, a group led by Albert Manero who is an engineering doctoral student at University of Central Florida. Their goal is to provide affordable bionic, 3D limbs to those in need.

Naturally, Downey is a great sport, even wise-cracking that the boy’s limb is better since Downey’s has a malfunctioning light and Alex’s works just fine.

See the videos after the break.

(via Nerdist)


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