Game Of Thrones Costume Designer Admits The Sand Snakes’ “Nipple Armor” Was A Mistake

game of thrones sand snakes armor

Nipple armor is almost never a good idea. It didn’t work for Batman, and it doesn’t work for anyone else – including the Sand Snakes on Game of Thrones. The first photos of the new characters from the upcoming season of the HBO series revealed their beautiful armor, but many were not pleased with the built in nipples. Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton recently spoke with NY Mag and mentioned the inclusion of the nipples on the armor is regrettable:

“You’ve picked a bone of contention!” Clapton laughed. She told the Cut that “it certainly wasn’t my intention” to have nippled armor. “I’m not terribly keen on it,” she added. “I don’t see the necessity for it. You don’t do it on men.” Well, except the famously ridiculed Batman suit. “Yeah, okay, that. But I wouldn’t do it on men, and I don’t really like the concept of it on women. Of course you have to have the woman’s shape. That’s fine. But [nipples on armor] is almost from a man’s point of view, and there’s something slightly cheesy about it.”

She explained that the nipple addition was more or less a mistake. They were present because of the molds used to make the armor, and they weren’t sanded off to the extent that Clapton wanted. She didn’t notice the error until the set photos surfaced, but claims that they aren’t that noticeable in the actual footage.

(via io9)


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