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This Laundry Folding Machine Marks The Beginning Of The End [Video]


I’m pretty sure that if a robot uprising happens, it will be because of devices like this. Robots won’t tolerate feeding us tomatoes and washing our hair for long. Folding our laundry might be the last straw.

Indeed, the FoldiMate is designed to eat fresh laundry and spit it back out again in a neatly folded stack. It can even smooth out wrinkles. One item takes about ten seconds, so your entire laundry stack can be folded and ready to put in the drawer within minutes.

Sounds great right? Well, temper your expectations because this isn’t the ideal solution you’re hoping for—at least not yet. Large bed sheets, towels, socks and other oddly-shaped/sized items will still need to be folded the old-fashioned way – but it’ll save you time that could and indeed should be spent arming your family for when the machine inevitably breaks loose and tries to kill you all. It’s okay. Look away, kids. Close your eyes. It’s okay. Momma’s here. Everything will be fine. Just… look away.

The FoldiMate is expected to retail for as much as $850 when it arrives in stores sometime in 2018, so you have two years to prepare for the end.

(via Gizmodo)


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