These Fan-Made ‘Power Rangers’ Suits Are Way Cooler Than The Official Ones


Let’s be honest – there have been some, shall we say, misteps with Saban’s upcoming Power Rangers movie. First, there was that logo, which looks like something they had an intern knock together in about half an hour. Then there’s Rita Repulsa’s costume, which isn’t strictly speaking terrible but is perhaps a better fit for, say, a Mortal Kombat character. Then there was the Power Ranger uniform reveal, which… well, just look at it. Maybe you saw it before and mistook it for rejected Iron Man concept art.

Artist Carlos Dattoli‘s designs do a far better job of marrying the classic appearance of the Rangers with a more modern design aesthetic. The helmets are far more faithful, while the bodies seem to take some of the better design cues from Superman’s outfit as seen in Man of Steel without losing anything that makes them Power Ranger-y.

Check out more of Dattoli’s concepts for the Rangers below.



You can see the complete collection on Carlos Dattoli’s Behance page.

(via io9)


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