Warrior Ariel And Ursula Should Not Be Trifled With [Cosplay]

ariel and ursula 1

We all know Ursula is prepared for battle, but Ariel could be a fighter too. With a little training and hard work, she could don armor and protect the seas. Cosplayer Mel Dee came up with warrior versions of both Ariel’s and Ursula’s ensembles, and she did a terrific job imagining different looks for the characters. Mel’s friend Rashelle played the part of Ursula (Mel is Ariel) and seeing them together makes me wonder about a world where they’re friends.

Mel Dee put at least 100 hours of work into sewing and building the outfits, and if you look closely at the armor, you’ll see it’s decorated with images of sea life.

Photos by Lucid Visual Photography.

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ariel and ursula 2

ariel and ursula 3

ariel and ursula 6

ariel and ursula 7

ariel and ursula 8

ariel and ursula 9

ariel and ursula 10

ariel and ursula 4

ariel and ursula 5

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