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Twelve Costumes That Completely Nail It [Featured]


Sometimes cosplayers knock it out of the park and manage to look just like the characters they’re cosplaying as. I’ve seen some costumes done so perfectly I’ve had to stop to do a double take. Resembling a character physically can help, but it’s also possible to get really close with the right makeup, outfit, and wigs. These costumes hit every mark.

Meet Christian Bale’s American Psycho doppelganger. Image found on Reddit.

Check out 11 more amazing costumes after the break.

Baroness cosplay

The gorgeous Baroness pictured above was cosplayed by Daelyth.


This girl looks just like Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon. Cosplayed by Heavengreen, photographed by iShootAnime.

Lilith Borderlands

It doesn’t get much closer than the official model for a game donning the outfit. Lilith from Borderlands 2 cosplayed by Vera-Chimera, photographed by Beethy.


Could this Ruby Rhod be any more perfect? No. Photographed by Ron “Spidey” Gejon.


Paula Rhodes is Nightfall from ElfQuest. Like, to a disturbing degree.

Archer cosplay

Spot on Archer costumes! Photographed by LJinto.


I love that this Pocahontas even has a Meeko! Image sent in via a tip.


You don’t get much more Samara than Rana McAnear, the model for Mass Effect. Photographed by Dark Stars Photo.


Yes, that is Rikku from Final Fantasy in the flesh. Cosplayed by Narga-Lifestream, photographed by Ladybird-desu.


I want to ask this Vanellope to play Sugar Rush with me. Cosplayed by AnyaPanda, photographed by Fantasyrhia.

Korra costume

Amazing waterbending Korra. Seriously. Cosplayed by Aicosu, photographed by Rin.


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