This Sharknado Purse Is A Tornado Of Style


Sharknado is a legend among craptastic movies, and now it’s also a purse thanks to Fashionably Geek reader Elyse, who made it herself for Phoenix Comic Con:

“I made a Sharknado purse for the occasion, complete with plastic sharks. I was inspired by the movie (so bad it’s good) to make a purse so hideous that it’s actually cute. I don’t know if I succeeded but I had fun making it.

I think she succeeded on both fronts. She was also witness to a little cosplaying for Wreck It Ralph and Bioshock.

See the cosplay pictures after the break.


“Bioshock! The giant drill thingy on his arm actually spins. (That’s my brother-in-law Eddie Wouters and his friend Tanya Abbas as the Little Sister. That slicer just bumped into them and hung out all day for pictures… her name is Randa Hatten and her awesome Etsy shop is CosplayAndKandi.)”


“Tanya Abbas as Vanillope, Eddie Wouters as Ralph, Tommy Wouters as Felix (Tommy is my husband… isn’t he the cutest?!)”


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