This Muppet Ghost Of Christmas Present Costume Will Make You Smile [Video]

ghost of christmas present costume 1

There aren’t enough Muppet Christmas Carol-inspired costumes in the world, but Redditor daddymacbrain, a.k.a. Chris Brain, is doing his part to remedy that problem. He truly made this Ghost of Christmas Present costume come to life. He made it for a stage production and explained a little about what the outfit’s made from:

The Head was made using paper mache, clay, sythetic hair and a adjustable head strap to fit all head sizes. The Jaw is hinged and elasticated so it can move with the wearers own jaw movements.

The robe is made with green velvet style material lined with faux fur, feature buttons and trimmings. The robe is is Large but would still look great on a smaller person as the wearer can just use a pillow to pad it out (pillow not included).

See more photos and a video of the costume in action after the break.

ghost of christmas present costume 2

ghost of christmas present costume 3

ghost of christmas present costume 4

If you feel a desperate need to own this costume, it’s been listed on eBay.

(via Reddit)


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