This Is What It’s Like When a RPG Comes To Life [Video]


There’s roleplaying and then there’s LARPing. If you want to fully immerse yourself in a fantasy or medieval setting, going for the gold with costumes and full contact battle is living the dream. Joe Landolfi has been roleplaying almost his whole life, and that passion led him to create Avegost in 2009. Avegost is a LARP event that happens each month in Georgia. It incorporates history, art, and sports and it looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Just imagine creating a character and playing through a narrative in real life rather than just rolling dice!

In order to give you an idea of how serious this event is, check out this part of a response from Landolfi about how the world and players are organized:

One of our main goals is to keep the atmosphere as true to the feudal dark ages as possible. I am a medieval history student by education, and this focus on realism adds a great deal to the game. Players spend a good amount of time organizing tournaments, games, and feasts to honor their liege lords (who are typically not present). Plot Members usually play ancillaries of these lords and stick with one or two factions to try to create conflict and act as anchors upon which players can maneuver their own goals within this complex political drama.

LARPing is definitely something I want to try one day.

Watch a documentary about Avegost after the break.

(Larping via Kotaku)


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