This Is One Sexy Harley Quinn Corset

If red and black are your favorite colors and/or if you adore Harley Quinn, you need to check out this made to order corset by Castle Corsetry! It has gorgeous long lines so it shapes your torso from right under the bust to down over your hips. The vertical lines in the design will only compliment the shape of the corset.

It’s made to wear for fun, but it’s also great for corset training. The corset has a total of 22 steel bones and is double boned at the seams. That means it’s sturdy as heck and you probably couldn’t slouch while wearing this if you tried.

Don it as part of a costume or an everyday outfit. The corset is made to order and takes about 3-6 weeks.

Look at more photos of this gorgeous item after the break.

Product Page ($300)


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