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This Guy Inspires With His Hilarious Cosplay On A Budget

low cost cosplay 1

You could look at the Elsa costume pictured above and have a few different reactions. Some might say it’s the worst Frozen costume on the internet, and some could focus on the fact that at least the cosplayer tried. While it’s not fancy or even remotely screen accurate, it is affordable, spirited, hilarious and kinda brilliant. That’s the theme of Lowcost Cosplay, Anucha “Cha” Saengchart’s Facebook page that shows off what you can do with materials you have lying around the house.

He’s creative and inspiring. For example, you don’t need to invest in any kind of metal or molds to make Wolverine’s adamantium claws, just use utensils. Want to become Spock? No need to get Vulcan ears when you can just use your hands. I love and appreciate what this guy is doing.

Check out some of our favorite budget cosplays after the break.

low cost cosplay 2

low cost cosplay 3

low cost cosplay 4

low cost cosplay 5

low cost cosplay 6

low cost cosplay 7

low cost cosplay 8

low cost cosplay 9

low cost cosplay 10

(Bangkok Post via Kotaku)


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