There’s A Creepy Clown Scaring The Heck Out Of Staten Islanders

staten island clown real vinnocente

There’s a Pennywise-style scary clown wandering around Staten Island and scaring the everliving heck out of New Yorkers.

There’s a highly plausible theory that this is some sort of publicity stunt for a production company called Fuzz On The Lens because the pictures are being posted by 3 different people who are involved with the production in some way, but the Fuzz On The Lens twitter account is denying it…sort of.

Either way, the stunt is pretty much a blatant ripoff of the Northampton Clown from last year.

Then again, a killer clown could be stalking Staten Island and all the talk of theories and hopes this is a prank are for naught, which means people better start watching their feet when they step over drains in curbs or seeing balloons.

You can see more pictures after the break. If you dare. I dare ya. What are ya, chicken?

(via Buzzfeed)


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