The Ultimate “Pacific Rim” Jaeger Cosplay


This is Brooklyn Typhoon, the latest Jaeger to join up and defend the world against the Kaiju. It’s an unbelievably detailed bit of cosplay that took 550 hours to construct and weighs 152 pounds! They used everything but the kitchen sink to make the costume including:

2 rat traps, 7 mousetraps (2 types), 53 toy truck wheels, 2 business card holders, hockey helmet, 2 plungers, rotating lawn sprinkler, 4 egg slicers, 4 ice scrapers, 4 ladles, 4 slotted spoons, camping thermos, toilet flush valve, 8 ice skate blade guards (2 types), 2 baseball throat guards, trashcan foot pedal, 2 spoon draincups, 2 blender bases, 4 hair cutter spacers, 2 kneepads, thermos base, ski goggles, football shoulder pads, 6 shinguards (3 types), 2 hockey leg guards, wall outlet plate, 3 vitamin cases (2 types), 3 manicure bowls, 3 doorknob wall guards, hand towel holder, 4 bicycle splashguards (2 types), 25 turnbuckles, corner paint applicator, slotted ladle, 2 faucet strainers, paper towel holder, 3 screen door latches, handheld spotlight, 2 flashlights, closet pole mounts, lots of bottlecaps, lots of knobs & pull handles, lots and lots of plastic from trashcans, buckets & food containers…and a whole lotta inspiration!

Brooklyn Typhoon is also available to rent so you can have him show up to cancel the apocalypse at your special event.

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(Brooklyn Robot Works via io9)


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