The Magical Flame Prop Of DOOM!

magical flame prop

If it was possible to control the elements, which one would you choose? You said “fire” right? I totally heard you say “fire”.

Since you totally said “fire”, you might be interested in possessing The Magical Flame Prop Of DOOM!

These are crafted from PETG plastic and hand-colored and blended for a whispy, magical fire effect. The super-bright light is provided by a removable dual-sided light pod, which is shatterproof, waterproof, and uses replaceable CR2032 batteries. Standard size for the clear hand strap fits up to 8″ around and is designed to be slightly loose. Flames are reasonably durable, but please note that these are not intended for children (I’m working on a kid-safe version!)

Check out a demo video below along with additional images.


Product Page ($40)


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