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The Day Misty Cosplay Took Over The Internet


This first ever online cosplay April Fools’ was a complete success! On April 1st hundreds of cosplayers, including the legendary Zee “JiNxXx” Kotwal, dressed up as Pokemon’s Misty and changed their profile pic in nearly the same pose exclaiming:

“I can’t wait to debut my new Misty cosplay at Cerulean City Comic-Con!! #Pokecon”

This is one of the best and well-spirited online group trolls of all time. Every picture and tag was uploaded at the same time and feeds were suddenly overrun with adorable pictures of men, women, and children sporting pigtails, suspenders, and peace-signs.

Check out all the Misty’s and the story behind the prank after the break.


Cosplayer Missyeru has been performing April Fools’ pranks every year and really wanted to outdo herself:

“I wanted to one up my prank from last year, and reach a lot more people, so I just thought it would be really funny if I got me and all of my cosplay friends to wear the same cosplay at the same day. I chose misty because she’s so iconic and a very easy, inexpensive costume to throw together. So I just made a secret Facebook group and invited every Cosplayer I knew, and encouraged them to do the same! Over 100 people did it!

I'm so excited to debut my new Misty cosplay at Cerulean City Comic-Con!! And to announce in the CEO of the convention!…

Posted by Missyeru on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

“The reaction was incredible. I’ve been laughing non-stop. Most people pick up on it really quick, some other people think the Cerulean City Comic-Con is a real con, and are freaking out. Of course the best are the people that are irrationally mad that there are so many Mistys on their social media!”

This jovial prank made so many smile that the group involved is actually planning on selling prints of all the Misty cosplays to raise money for Gamer’s Outreach.

Although there won’t be a Misty convention in the future, the fact a social media goof is turning into a community project is nothing short of inspirational.


(via Kotaku / Top Image via Reddit)


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