The Dapper Avengers Take Disney’s Hollywood Studios By Storm [Cosplay]

dapper avengers 5

The U.S. Disney Parks host Dapper Days a few times a year. The idea is that guests attend in their finest attire – sort of like what the attendees wore on Disneyland’s opening day in 1955. There are dresses, pearls, suspenders, hats, and even some everyday cosplay. This Avengers group attended the recent Dapper Day Fall Soiree in Orlando, and they look utterly glamorous. They took photos all around Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I bet anyone who recognized that they were dressed as Marvel characters flipped out.

Cosplayed by: moonstarmarauderjaqirabbitpoormrdarcydaniteabeekissmeimthequeen, and sabrea.

See more photos of the group after the break.

dapper avengers 2

dapper avengers 3

dapper avengers 4

dapper avengers

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