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Tank Girl Is Ready To Wreak Havoc In The Outback [Cosplay]


Cosplayer Erin Lei is a fan of Tank Girl, the kooky comic book character who loves beer, profanity and… well, her massive tank.

Erin was kind enough to share some pics from her recent cosplaying photo shoot and they turned out great. I’m assuming Erin hopped into the tank and drove off into the Australian outback after the shoot. Just watch out for those mutant kangaroos! They’re known to be feisty.

Here’s a comment from Erin about the costume:

We always brag about those costumes we think about for forever and plan for years; but Tank Girl wasn’t that. She just was something that came to me in January when talking with a group of friends. I really like the character, but never thought about creating a Tank Girl costume before that moment. But I still had a blast creating this costume. You can be so creative with Tank Girl; make it your own without worrying that the character isn’t recognizable. And I always enjoy creating costumes where I get to be destructive. If you rip too much or burn to big of a hole it’s not that big of a deal. Just adds to the character.

Photo Credit: GregRon Geeks

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