Make Your Own Elaborate Mermaid Tail With This Excellent Tutorial


When I was a kid, I wanted to be a mermaid because I thought they were beautiful, amazing creatures. Of course, when I got older, cold hard reality ruined everything.

Maybe you can’t be a real mermaid, but you can definitely pretend in a very realistic way. There’s even a hobby called Mermaiding, and one part of that hobby is all about tailmaking.

This silicone tail tutorial gives you an idea of just what goes into tailmaking and it’s pretty impressive! Tails can weigh 35lbs or more and custom tails can run into the thousands of dollars. But a skillfully crafted tail is definitely beautiful.

See more pictures of the final product after the break.

mermaiding 8

mermaiding 9

mermaiding 010

mermaiding 00

mermaiding 0

You can view the entire tutorial on Instructables.


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