Sylvanas Windrunner Is Ready For Battle [Cosplay]


Cosplayer Etfy (aka Estelle) recently created a killer Sylvanas Windrunner costume for her third cosplaying project, and she sent us some pics of the final result. Sylvanas is a former Ranger-General turned undead badass from the World of Warcraft universe, and it looks like Etfy really nailed her look.

“I created the whole thing, from the fabric parts of the costume to the armor parts (which are made of worbla and EVA foam),” she said in an email. Wonderful job Etfy. Keep up the good work!

Cosplayer Credit: Etfy

Photo Credit: Narcissus Photography

Check out some more pics after the break…






Etfy also got a little help on this project from two other cosplaying friends. The three cosplayers have their own cosplaying Facebook page, which you can check out here. Thanks for the tip, Etfy. Send your cosplay pics to

(via etfycosplay)


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