Sweden Will Play Host To An Intense Battlestar Galactica LARP Session in 2013

If you love Battlestar Galactica and LARPing, then you should consider buying a ticket to Sweden for next March. A group is planning a game of epic proportions aboard an actual destroyer from the Cold War era. Yep.

The story will take place upon the fictional ship Monitor Celestra. It survives the initial attack of the Cylons, but it’s quite different from the Galactica – it’s smaller and older. The LARP will take place over a weekend (Friday morning – Sunday afternoon) and explore this time period from the series:

Our story begins at Ragnar station where the rag-tag fleet sits trapped while the Battlestar Galactica restocks her munition depots.

The Monitor Celestra will play out in the 130 hours between the end of the miniseries and the beginning of the episode “33” (i e start of first season). We highly recommend that you have watched at least this much Battlestar Galactica before enlisting.

While we do endeavour to stay true to the lore of the re-imagined series, we will allow dramatic departures from the canon when it comes to the consequences of the events aboard The Celestra, up to and including the destruction of the fleet.

They’re trying to include lots of circumstances from the series. This includes a “Room of Projections” that will make you see things and people that aren’t really there a la Gaius and Caprica Six. I have no idea how that’s going to work, but I hope someone will walk around acting completely nutty like Baltar did.

The LARP will run for four different weekends and up to 144 people can enlist for each session. The cost is $360-$511, and it includes the character, costumes, game play, and meals for the weekend. It definitely falls under the category of unforgettable experiences.

(Celestra LARP via io9)


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