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Star Wars Superheroes And Other Unique Group Cosplays

Star Wars Superheroes Concept to  Cosplay

For some people, attending San Diego Comic-Con (or any convention) is all about the costumes. Kira and her friends take cosplay seriously – they did three big group cosplays for the convention! Wrangling that many people and that many outfits is a huge challenge, and I can’t believe they did it three times.

They dressed as Star Wars Superheroes (pictured above). Libby P. had the idea and did most of the construction on the Slave Leia-superhero outfits. They also created a wonderful steampunk Wizard of Oz group and post-apocalyptic Disney characters. The costumes are all first class, and each of them deserves an endurance medal. The cosplayers involved include:

Kira B (Dorothy, Esmeralda, The Incredible Hulk Leia)
Christy Z (Glinda, Ariel, Batman Leia)
Libby P (Wicked Witch of the West, Jasmine, Iron Man Leia)
Megan M (Scarecrow, Snow White, Spider-Man Leia)
Katey D (Tin Lady, Pocahontas, Thor Leia)
Angie O (Cowardly Lion, Belle, Superman Leia)
Laura A (Tinkerbell)
Lauren P (Rapunzel)
Hannah K (Wolverine Leia)
Jason P (Deadpool Han Solo)

See the steampunk Wizard of Oz and post-apocalyptic Disney group photos after the break.




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