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Spike From ‘Buffy’ Cosplaying As Vegeta From ‘Dragon Ball’

Come for the picture of James Marsters aka Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a Vegeta costume, stay for his rant about how much he despises the Dragonball Evolution film that he “inflicted on the world in 2009”. Totally not his fault, but we appreciate his candor.

ViDiOTS Episode 7 is now ready for prime time! ViDiOTS Season 01 | Episode 07: Anything is Possible in Texas (AKA Plano Through the Looking Glass) This episode finds us kicking around Plano, Texas. We went there to visit our friend Chris Sabat (actor/producer/director, Dragonball Z). I had asked him for help in recording a voice-over reel, but really came hoping to impress him enough to score a part in his new project 'Dragonball Super'. I thought that even a small role in the new series could help redeem myself for the disastrous live action 'Dragonball Evolution' movie I inflicted on the world in 2009. Chris saw right through me… While we were there we found ourselves at the Magic Time Machine – Dallas Restaurant and Bar which is kind of a dark, mysterious combination of Chuck E Cheese and peyote. Mark had an hallucinogenic allergic reaction to what was called an 'Ugly Drink', and may or may not have caused the death of a Jack Sparrow look alike who worked there. Blinded by desperation, I was hoping against hope that the children's restaurant was an actual time machine that I could use to go back to 2009 and tell my agent to get me out of my 'Dragonball Evolution' contract. #Dragonball

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