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Sailor Scouts With A Punk Rock Twist [Cosplay]

Sailor Scouts

Cosplayer Dara Defreitas and a group of her friends dressed up as the Sailor Scouts for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. But this wasn’t your standard Sailor Scouts cosplay–they threw in a punk rock twist just for fun. The results are amazing!

Check out some more pics after the break…

Mars 01

Saturn 02



Mercury 02




Chibi Moon


Inner Senshi

Sailor Moon: Noble Actions
Sailor Mars: Dara Defreitas Cosplay
Sailor Uranus: Creations by Caiti
Sailor Pluto: Xiandelle Cosplay
Sailor Jupiter: Ashley Fex
Sailor Mercury: Suzie Dempster
Sailor Venus: Amber M.
Mini Moon: Emi Wang
Sailor Neptune: Jennifer Wiens
Sailor Saturn: Krista MacPherson

Photography: Vicky Lau – Vivid Vision

Thanks for the pics, Dara! Send yours to


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