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Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Holds A Magical Harry Potter Press Conference


Sports! Eh? Yeah. You know it! Do know it? Absolutely. Of course I do. I know all about the sports, and I am absolutely not stalling for time. I know sports, dear reader. I know it inside and out. That’s both sides of the sports, which covers essentially all of it – much in the same way that Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman was covered by his Gryffindor robe when he showed up to a press conference and proceeded to Harry Potter the hell out of it. 

Why dress up, though? Well, ignoring the rather obvious fact that this is Halloween (Halloween! Halloween!), Sherman’s progeny asked him to.

“It’s Halloween. My son told me he wanted me to wear something, so it’s happening. It’s happening.”

Indeed it was, in point of fact, happening, with Sherman fielding questions from the press ranging from what his favorite Harry Potter book was (Order of the Phoenix) to whether playing five quarters of football was more or less difficult than a game of Quidditch (football wins that one, probably by virtue of the fact that it’s an actual sport you can really play as opposed to… oh, never mind).

Sherman acknowledged the costume at the start of the press conference, but otherwise never broke character. He talked about wizards and Muggles as matter-of-fact rather than, y’know, fictional wossnames. At one point he opened his answer to a question about how it felt to be human again following a health issue that occurred during a game on Sunday with “Well, I’m definitely a wizard.” So that was marvelous.

The best part, though? J.K. Rowling is apparently a fan. Or at least she is now, if this tweet is any indication:

Fantastic. Here’s hoping this sets off a trend for cosplay press conferences in the near future, especially with the Halloween season ticking away as rapidly as it is. Did you know it’s the 28th already? Where’s a Time Turner when you need one?



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