Please Slow For Luchador Crossing


Admit it, there are times where you wish you still had crossing guards when you’re the pedestrian crossing the street, right? I don’t know about you, but here in L.A., I tend to feel like I have to practice defensive walking at all times.

In Mexico City, they have something better than a crossing guard. They have their very own Luchador by the name of Peatónito, who strides into the crosswalk ahead of pedestrians to challenge all comers and make the city a little safer, one crosswalk at a time.

The idea may may be fantastical, but the problem is very real. Mexico City sees an average of one pedestrian fatality and several other injuries per day.

Jorge Cáñez, the man behind the mask, created Peatónito as part of his larger goal to keep pedestrians safe. Along with the Lucha Libre mask, he also helps paint cross walks, speaks about pedestrian safety and works with others in an effort to help educate and keep people safe.

Is it wrong that I hope he decides to put up a steel cage in an intersection somewhere and calls in some fellow Luchadores for an exhibition? I mean, it would be for a good cause 😉

(via The Atlantic Cities)


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