One Of The Best Lilith From “Borderlands” Cosplays Yet


This beautifully done Lilith from Borderlands features PureLight Cosplay in a costume she created. Some elements were found but others she made from scratch. She told Geek X Girls:

I constructed the costume from both found and scratch made items. I made my vest, arm guards, one glove and shin gaurds, while the shirt was cut up, re sewn and cell shades, and my pants are two sets of pants sewn together and cell shades after being heavily destroyed. The amount of distressing and cell shading that goes into a borderlands costume is crazy! I did my own make up and hair styling for the costume and even committed to contacts for the first time in years. Had a blast in this costume and I hope to wear it again in the future!

These pictures, taken at Ottawa Pop Expo 2014, feature additional Borderlands cosplay with Corrupt Cosplay as Kreig, Capa Cosplay as Handsome Jack, Ashe Rogue as Mad Moxxi, and Manda Cowled as Gaige.

Photography: Novii Photography

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