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Mystery Clown Creeps Out Northampton, England

northhampton clown 1

Imagine you’re driving around Northampton, England, and out of the corner of your eye you see a clown standing on the street corner. Most of the time, you’d shake it off and think you’re seeing things – but not right now. There is a man in full clown make-up skulking around the town and turning up in random places. He doesn’t do anything menacing. Despite reports that he’s knocked on houses, according to his Facebook page (Spot Northampton’s Clown) he just stands around and looks effing terrifying.

Seriously! I know I’m not the only one who has issues because of Stephen King’s It. If I saw this guy on my street, I’d be under my bed in tears. Apparently he occasionally goes into drains too! From Facebook:

“So glad there’s a picture from last night. I didn’t wear my clown shoes as they’ve got holes in them from all the drains i’ve been climbing into.”

Not okay, dude, not okay.

It’s become somewhat of a game on social media to locate him and take pictures. Be sure to follow #northamptonclown on Twitter for the latest and creepiest updates. I’m going to go find a blanket to hide under now.

Check out another image of the clown around town after the break.

northhampton clown 3

(via Northampton H&P, top image via jogo78)


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