Girl Wears Minion Dress To Homecoming After 15K Retweet Challenge


Ally and Daisy are besties with a wonderful sense of humor. Back in September Ally and Daisy agreed that if they could get 15,000 retweets for the Minion tutu costume Ally found then Daisy would have to wear the dress to homecoming. Daisy thought there was no way in hel…oh she was so wrong.

The original bright yellow dress tweet got over 20,000 RTs, and Daisy followed through and donned a replica costume made by Ally’s mom for the school dance. I think Ally might be the evil mastermind in this friendship.

Daisy told MTV News:

“Since the original dress was for ages 3-8, Ally’s mom ended up making it from scratch!She bought all the fabric from [Jo-Ann Fabric And Craft’s], took my measurements, and ended up making it in about a day. However, Ally and I did help with the making of the eye!”

Check out the tweets and more images of her adorable minion dress after the break.

The tweet that went too far:

Even Daisy’s Mom thought it was a good idea:

Daisy said although Minions are super cute, it took a bit of bravery to actually go through with it:

“I got nervous the day of because it hadn’t actually hit me that I would have to be wearing a minion dress in front of my whole school, but Ally and my other friends gave me a pep talk and after that I was good to go.”

(via Hello Giggles)


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