‘Ghost In The Shell’ Robot Geisha Cosplay

Photographer Antti Karppinen, Mae-Rye Cosplay and makeup artist Kiki Kameleontti are the first out of the gate with a cosplay of the creepy robot geisha featured in Ghost in the Shell. It goes without saying, but a cosplay of this caliber and complexity requires a LOT of work.

The makeup and photo session took roughly eight hours to complete, but Karppinen notes that the post-production work was the most surprisingly difficult aspect of the project:

I started with making the skin look like it is made of separate parts of hard plastic. It took me some trials and errors to perfect the techniques, particularly how to speed the process and improve the workflow. The robotic look was there, but I was still looking at just a picture of a shiny geisha. I continued with painting Iina’s eyes black, and there it was -it was like the life was sucked out of her. She became that lifeless and soulless Robot Geisha, no doubt.

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You can read more about the photoshoot on Antti Karppinen’s website.


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