Gender-Swapped Power Girl [Cosplay]

rule 63 powergirl 1

Over the past five years, it seems like the number of women cosplaying as male characters has been increasing. Though men have also been doing gender-swapped cosplay, I’ve seen more and more examples lately, and I love it. Test Subject B Cosplay wore his Power Girl ensemble at FanimeCon recently and rocked it. I think he gets extra points for leaving the trademark chest window in the costume.

Photo by Ben Rogers Photography, Power Girl on the right cosplayed by Gravimetric Rush.

More photos of rule 63 Power Girl and Supergirl after the break.

rule 63 power girl and super girl 2

rule 63 power girl and super girl 3

Photos by Princess Marly Cosplay, gender-swapped Supergirl cosplayed by Brozerker Cosplay.

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(via ComicsAlliance)


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