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‘The Last Minute’ Life-Size Rifle Replica Is A ‘Fallout’ Cosplayer’s Dream Prop


Question: If you’re launching yourself as a maker of prop replicas, what’s the best way to get people’s attention? Answer: Bring a ruddy great big weapon to life. That’s exactly what newly-minted group Show and Tell Props have done, kicking the doors in and announcing their presence to the world with a very detailed replica of The Last Minute, one of those one-of-a-kind weapon variants from Fallout 4.

Revealed on a thread on the RPF forum, the replica is entirely hand-crafted. The frame is built from a combination of MDF and oak, and the nixie tube charge indicator seen in-game is simulated with electrical components. a Sculpt Nouveau finish gives it that lovely aged, rusting look. 

Take a closer look in the photo gallery below.

Fallout 4 “The Last Minute” Finished paint/assembly.

With this sort of detail, cosplayers must be champing at the bit for one of their own. Alas, Show and Tell have already sold the replica, but they do take commissions and they clearly do good work.

(via Technabob)


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