Even More Sailor Moon Cosplay From The Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball

We’ve already posted a stunning Sailor Cosmos and a Sailor Moon group cosplay from The Silver Millennium Masquerade Ball, but we got a rush of additional submissions, so we’re adding them here. Needless to say, I sincerely hope they hold this event again next year. It looked like a blast.

Princess Cosmos: Santana Cosplay / Princess Serenity: Victoria Vaughn Cosplay

Princess Serenity by Ashley of We Thee Geeks. She notes:

I based it off of the character design from the manga but took liberties to make some changes so it was still an original gown. The dress probably cost me $700 to make, and at that amount I could have bought a dress, but it wasn’t the dress I imagined in my head. The dress has 5 layers, fully boned. The appliques I bought online, the middle beaded section was a recycled piece from a wedding dress a friend didn’t want, and the rest I bought the fabric from fabric.com and Joanns. The bow/train was something I found at a second hand shop, no alterations needed. The making of this dress was spread over the course of a month, between working and waiting on materials to get to me. I was actually sewing finishing touches to the dress on the day of the ball. This was my first time making a detailed dress like this one, and I’m so glad I was able to finish it.

Image: Saratoga Photography

Photo: Cat Trzaskowski Photography

Sailor Mars (Lythia Becht) / Phobos and Deimos / Queen Beryl (Melissa Perrier)

Last Photo: Degorram of D.S. al Cosplay

Sailor Moon group cosplay submitted by Magi Marii Cosplay.


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