Eleven Ladies, Eleven Doctors, One Awesome Cosplay Group

femme doctors header

It’s not every day that you see all 11 Doctors together, and if you do, they’re probably not female. This epic cosplay group came together at C2-E2 last spring. A female Doctor is overdue, and they wondered how Doctor Who would be different with a women in the main role. Each lady picked her favorite Doctor and came up with a femme version of that Doctor’s costume. I adore the details in all the outfits and the creativity of the poses for the photos. They look like they’re having such a blast!

Photos by LJinto.

Check out more pics of this fun group after the break.

femme doctors 1

femme doctors 2

femme doctors 3

femme doctors 4

femme doctors 5

Thanks for the tip, Nicole! Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.


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