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Drunk Hulk Cosplayer Arrested

Hulk angry. Hulk smash. Hulk sell cocaine. Whoa, what?

Last spring a drunk man dressed like the Incredible Hulk was arrested in Coventry England for selling drugs. He was painted green and quoted as wearing “fancy dress.” The police found not only cocaine but also marijuana—both of which were hidden in one of the man’s sneakers. There’s no explanation as to why the man was cosplaying the Hulk at the time, but I hope it was just because he darn well felt like it.

His lawyer tried to plead the following on the behalf of his green client:

“This was a serious lapse on his part, a serious lapse and aside from the comedic element, his dress, he couldn’t have stood out more to police.

“This was a drunk man seeking to get some money back for a purchase that he had made for himself,” he added.

“It was a drunk attempt to get his money back on his way home. That’s very different from low level street dealing.”

The judge didn’t show any mercy though, and the Hulk was sentenced to two years in prison. Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time before he will be able to score some pruno and bend the bars with his bare hands to escape.

(via io9)


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