Amazing DnD Class Pokemon Gijinka Eeveelutions Are Cosplay Ready

If there’s one thing Pokémon fan artists love doing, it’s Gijinka – human versions of Pokémon. Artist and cosplayer SunsetDragon has taken it one step further, however, by knocking out these amazing Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Gijinka of each Eveelution (the various Type evolutions of Evee, who can be evolve using a number of different elemental stones in the games).

Most people would’ve stopped at the delightful-to-say-out-loud “Flareon Barbarian” and let the joke end there, but thankfully SunsetDragon has drawn all eight Eveelutions as well as regular ol’ Evee herself, each with her own D&D class.

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We’re glad she did, because they look absolutely stunning. She’s also said she’s absolutely okay with anyone out there who wants to cosplay as her designs, which is incredibly awesome of her!

Check out the full set below.


Leafeon Ranger


Flareon Barbarian


Sylveon Bard


Espeon Cleric


Vaporeon Mage


Jolteon Paladin


Glaceon Wizard


Ubreon Thief


Evee Monk

(via Geek x Girls)

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