This ‘Diablo III’ Barbarian Cosplay Is Beautifully Badass


Cosplayer Friscoblondie certainly didn’t hold back when it came to her barbarian cosplay from Diablo III. She notes:

I made this cosplay over the course of 3 months based off of a Diablo 3 Barbarian concept design. I used Worbla, foam, cardboard and leather to try to make it look exactly like the character I was portraying. I resin cast all of the gems, made all of the straps, all of the armor, and and all of the weapons. This cosplay was 100% made by me and I love how it turned out. This has quickly become my favorite cosplay to wear both because of the confidence it gives me and because of my love for Diablo 3. After completion of the cosplay I was able to shoot at a beautiful waterfall. Even though I had to hike a few miles to it with all of the gear and cosplay it was extremely worth it because the shots came out amazing!

Photos by DaFrontlineTrooper (Andrew Cook)

Check out more pics below.





(via GeekXGirls)


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