Dad Copes With 50 Through Epic Game Of Thrones-Inspired Cosplay Shoot

Wim may have just turned 50, but the epic Game of Thrones-inspired photoshoot that he set up to celebrate the occasion certainly indicates that he has the spirit of a young man. His family and photographer Sheridan’s Art found it inspiring, calling it “dealing with a midlife crisis the good way”.

The photoshoot has a storyline:

Meet Cornish landlord Goron as he is forced to fight for king Mordred against evil forces threatening the kingdom. After fierce battles on the cornish coast, Goron returns as a true hero. Being jealous of his success Mordred sends out Gwenora, a blue witch, to seduce Goron to the dark side, turning him against his own people. Torn between two worlds, Goron ultimately finds the power to confront Gwenora in an ultimate battle.

The images featured here only tell part of the story. Head on over to Sheridan’s Art for the entire set.


  • Goron & Family (Wim, Daisy, Nando & Saida)
  • Makeup – Kika Von Macabre
  • Armor (Leather & Steel), Weapons & Chainmaille – Mytholon
  • Cloaks – El Costurero Real
  • Photography & Post-processing: Sheridan’s Art

(via Bored Panda)


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