Creative Adventurer Spin On Elizabeth From BioShock Infinite [Cosplay]

bioshock elizabeth cosplay 1

Just when I think I’ve seen every possible Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite costume, I’m surprised. Cosplayer Angela Bermudez left behind the skirt and imagined an Elizabeth that’s more like Indiana Jones or Amelia Earhart. It shows the character as a bold adventurer and rescuer. She used aviator pants, goggles, a utility belt, and a vest in the costume. Even with all the different touches, it still retains recognizable elements of the original design – right down to the thimble on the pinky finger.

Above photo by Kristian Rocha.

See more of the series after the break.

bioshock elizabeth cosplay 3

Photo by Kristian Rocha

bioshock elizabeth cosplay 2

Photo by Kristian Rocha

bioshock elizabeth cosplay 4

Photo by Andres Herrera

(via Super Punch)


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