Cosplayer Ziplines Off Bridge In London As The Fourth Doctor For Charity [Video]

doctor zipline

I don’t know what you did this weekend, but cosplayer Andrew Younger ziplined off the top of London’s Tyne Bridge as the Fourth Doctor to help raise money and awareness for Tiny Lives. It’s a charitable trust that helps to care for 700+ premature and sick newborn babies and their families each year.

While he had to trade Fourth’s hat for a safety helmet, Younger did make the leap in the full suit and signature scarf. You can see it flapping as he goes. It’s pretty awesome.

He even managed to shout out “Would you like a jelly baby?” on the way down. That’s commitment. I think he gets Doctor Who bonus points for not passing out. I know I would have.

Head after the break to see the video. It’ll make your day.

(via Cnet)


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